Web Conference Pre-Form

Thanks for registering for a MadMaker web conference. You are going to need to fill in the following form so we can send you an Arduino Esplora board to use during the session, and also be able to call you for the session. There will be another annoying web-form to fill out after this for you guys, sorry about that, there are a lot of you and this help me keep track of everyone more easily.

We are running the conference through Adobe Connect, all you need is a computer and a web browser.

Please make sure you are early for the web conferencing session. There are a lot of you so please be prompt, I cannot wait for all of you. Details about the call will be emailed to all of you who have submitted everything.

Name *
Please tell me about your school's web conferencing system is if it is incompatible and we will arrange something for you.
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