madmaker team

Owen Brasier is the Technical Project Lead of MadMaker. Owen completed his undergrauate degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Sydney in 2011. After his Honours in performance monitoring of optical communications he worked as an engineer at Finisar Australia before joining the Quantum Photonics Laboratory at the School of Physics at the University of Sydney. Owen has done extensive scientific outreach in schools through cudos.
Calla is a PhD candidate of the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, where she also completed her combined undergraduate studies in B.E (Electrical(Bioelectronics))(Hons I)/B.A. (Linguistics). She is a teaching assistant for junior and senior electronics, and received the 2014 school award for excellence in tutoring. Alongside her research, she is a co-founding member of the Sydney Uni Maker Club, and involved with numerous maker community initiatives including Electrocraft for women and Makersplace.
Dr Abelardo Pardo is Associate Professor at the School of Electrical and Information Engineering, The University of Sydney. He achieved his PhD in Computer Science at The University of Colorado in Boulder, USA. His passion is the use of technology to enhance learning and teaching experiencies. He is also expert on using data to guide the design and deployment of engaging learning experiences.
Prof Philip Leong is Professor of Computer Systems in the School of Electrical and Information Engineering at the University of Sydney. His interests include computer hardware design and fly-fishing.
Miriam Pellicano leads the schools engagement program and partnerships with community organisations. This includes managing the ongoing development and review of Compass and supporting its expansion into regional communities. Miriam also represents Compass on the Building Bridges consortium group to extend programs into other areas of NSW in collaboration with other NSW universities.
James Curran is an Associate Professor in the School of Information Technologies at the University of Sydney, and Director of the National Computer Science School. NCSS is the largest computer science outreach program for students and teachers in Australia, with over 9000 teachers and students participating in the NCSS Challenge in 2014. James was one of three lead authors of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies, the new national curriculum for computing. James is a long-time board member of the ICT Educators NSW and won the ICTENSW and Australian Council of Computers in Education (ACCE) Leader of the Year awards this year.