MadMaker 2018 Competition Finalists


As our sponsor Pakronics said, these entries just keep getting better every year! Hats off to the teachers working tirelessly behind the scenes implementing cutting edge STEM coursework. Of course also a massive congratulations to the students students who have clearly gone above and beyond!

We hope everyone enjoys a well deserved holiday! Without any further ado...

MadMaker 2018 Competition Finalists

Honorary mention: Memory Mania - Parramatta High School

Memory Mania tests the player's memory by flashing some squares randomly placed on the canvas. Once the squares disappear, the player must select the correct squares by using buttons on the Arduino Esplora board in order to win. Too many misses can result in a loss.

3rd Place: Air Hockey - Chester Hill High School

Air Hockey is a 2D game designed for 4 players. It's purpose is for entertainment and boredom relieve. It is intended for players of all ages. Tired of using a keyboard, use the joystick, or accelerometer or switches (buttons) in you prefer retro as an input to move the paddles. We took a game of PONG written by previous students and modified it to make a more interesting and exciting game.

2nd Place : HSL-HSV Converter - Belridge Secondary College

This project is a colour selector prototype, designed as vision tracking software for a robot- specifically the Mars Rover. Using the buttons and slider on the Arduino to identify the object and colour range so that the selection of the object is possible. To distinguish items for the rover to collect.

2018 MadMaker Challenge Belridge SC from Petra Trinke on Vimeo.

1st Place: Particle Simulator - Parramatta High School

Using the Box2d module by Daniel Shiffman, This program allows the use of the Arduino's inputs to control various aspects of a particle simulation. This program was designed to entertain toddlers and infants, and uses only inputs which a toddler would be able to operate - not necessarily understanding how each input works.