Challenge 2018!

Huge thank you to everyone for joining up and supporting MadMaker! Still plenty of time if you're still in the process of signing up or looking to join later!


The final date to submit students grades for certificates will be the 26th of November - same as the final competition date. This should allow enough time to get certificates sent out to every state in term 4.

To do this you will need to go to Teacher Dashboard -> Grade Centre -> Generate Problem Grade Report. We will take the most recently generated report on the 26th of November.

Participation in the project based competition is not mandatory to receive certificates. Try to allow students around 3hrs a week for four weeks on the coursework for students to have a good shot at getting a certificate.

This is way earlier than last year! If you were a late joiner last year and can't make this date, let me know and we can likely organise a second round.

Teacher Workshops in WA

We will be in WA in less than 2 weeks! We are running free introductory programming workshops in collaboration with Google. The available workshops are:

5th Nov - Pinjarra Senior High School 245pm - 445pm
6th Nov - Atwell College 330pm - 530pm
7th Nov - Perth Modern School 330pm - 530pm
8th Nov - Thornlie Senor High School 330pm - 530pm
9th Nov - Midland Learning Academy 4pm - 6pm

Registration and more info available here.