May Update - Challenge Dates and Workshops

Things have been a little quiet on the MadMaker communication-front so far this year.

I can promise this is more due to overwork rather than lack-thereof, as we've developing a whole bunch of new features to roll out for MadMaker 2017 (I imagine you might want the students Arduino code auto-marked… more news on that when it actually works).

But I can announce the date for MadMaker 2017 is from:

9th October - 17th November

SA and Tas start on the 16th of October - so unfortunately they'll have one less week, but we are providing additional weeks of support. These are the official weeks of support.

Teacher Workshops

MadMaker is running a number of Teacher Professional Development in NSW this June with the Australian Computing Academy. Basically over two days the sessions will cover:

  • Integrating the Digital Technologies National Curriculum in your school
  • Free resources available for you to use
  •  Deep dive into digital technologies implementation

The workshops are free and are available for both primary and secondary teachers:

We have applied for 10 hours of PD accreditation through NESA for these sessions, hopefully it gets approved before they happen. I'll keep attendees updated on that as the workshops draw closer.

MadMaker Workshops

Regular MadMaker workshops will be running throughout August and September, with funding coming from Google CS4HS supporting these. If you would like for us to come to your area please get in contact. Specifically looking at regional centres we haven't visited yet. If you want to volunteer to host then please get in contact, ideally we would like 10-15 teachers to attend each session.

That's it for now - there are a large number of things in the pipeline and I'll be going back to giving monthly newsletters from now on.