MadMaker 2016 Challenge Date Announced!


We are pleased to announce that the MadMaker Challenge will again run in 2016, starting on the 10th October 2016. 

Some differences from last year are:

  • The challenge will be written for 5 weeks of classroom delivery
  • The start date implies this date will be placed in either weeks (0*-3) of school term 4, depending on the state and sector. (*week before term starts)
  • To adjust for these differences, the official weeks of the challenge will operate (with live tutor support) for 6 weeks. So the official period of the challenge will be from: Monday 10th October until Friday 18th November 2016.

For teachers wishing to re-run 2015's course in terms 1-3, please contact us for info on how to get yourselves setup. 

Teacher training workshops for the MadMaker Challenge will run in Term 3.

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