MadMaker 2016 has Launched!

The MadMaker Challenge 2016 is live!! 


Please register yourself as a teacher and create a class code before your lessons this week. Generally speaking it should add you as a teacher automatically. But for some of you it hasn't done so, unfortunately. Once you enrol yourself in to the MadMaker Challenge course, if it doesn't let you in message us in the chat and we'll activate it for you.

See the video below for a walk-through!

Challenge Period

The dates of the Challenge - the 10th October to 18th of November is 6 weeks, but there's 5 weeks of content. An extra week for everyone to catch up, and work on your projects if you manage to keep up with the material each week.


When you login you should see 4 weeks of content. Students will only see Challenge 1 for the first week. You can look ahead and see what's coming up if you would like to prepare. A couple of activities will be added, and it needs an edit and I'll be adding videos as I finish editing them.

We really hope you enjoy it!