MadMaker 2017 Prizes announced!

Exciting news! We have three awesome prizes lined up for schools who come up with the best project. Huge thanks to our new sponsor Pakronics for supporting our cause and offering up some epic STEM related prizes. Pakronics are champions of STEM in high schools so if you're enjoying MadMaker please check them out!

Instructions for entering the challenge as well as a series of template projects will go live next week. The final date for schools to submit videos will be Friday the 24th of November.

3rd Prize

Micro:Bit class set of 12

The BBC Micro:bit is a pocket sized programmable computer for schools. It is jam packed with motion detection, a built-in compass, LED display and Bluetooth. It offers graphical programming as well as Python programming. More information can be found at: 

2nd Prize

Arduino + Grove System Kit set of 6

The Grove system is an eco-system of sensors and actuators with pre-made connectors, making it suitable for learning about processing physical environment data in the classroom, without any soldering involved. The exercise book includes range of projects to get familiar with coding for the device. Details of the Grove system can be found at:

1st Prize...

mBot with WiFi and rechargeable batteries set of six

mBot is a beginner robot kit from MakeBlock who offer a range of mechanical, electronics and robotics parts that could be used to design your own custom robot. Graphical and Arduino programming is available, providing a really fun way to learn programming by teaching your creation to do your bidding!!


So there you have it, three really exciting prizes you could be scoring for your school! Stay tuned for more details next week... until then, happy programming!!