Firstly huge thanks to Pakronics for continuing to support MadMaker! Pakronics aren't just another electronics re-seller, they care about pairing schools with STEM devices they will actually use. We originally found them because they offered the best prices on the mBOT. They are based in Victoria and also run teacher PD workshops.

Pakronics are passionate about STEM in highschools so if you're a fan of MadMaker, be sure to check them out!

I'm pleased to announce this year the prizes will be the Arduino based MAKERbuino kit!


We've already popped the hood on the traditional game controller with the Esplora, gaining insightful knowledge of how to control it as well as use several more advanced mechatronics sensors (sound, light, temperature and accelerometer).

With the MAKERbuino we're popping the hood even further to investigate the electronic components and solder the thing together from scratch! This will show how printed circuit boards are made and components are sourced to create products like the Esplora. Giving a deeper understanding of how modern digital products are produced en masse.


We can take the knowledge we have gained in Arduino to take this kit further. We can add whatever sensors and outputs we want to make it function for various purposes:


3rd Prize : Kit of 3
2nd Prize : Kit of 5
1st Prize : Kit of 10

Schools have until the 26th of November to upload a video about a project they have created in which the Esplora is communicating with Processing. This is also the final day for students to work on grades for the certificates. If your school signed up early in the week of 8/10, try to get the videos submitted by the 19th of November. You can submit up until the 26th but we will  take the extra time into consideration when judging.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments! 
The MadMaker Team