MadMaker Challenge 2018 starting soon!

The 2018 MadMaker Challenge is live and ready for registration in Week 1 or earlier if you wish.

The first week of coursework goes live to students on the 8th of October.

We realise many of you go back on the 15th, therefore:

If you go back on the 8th the competition due date will be the 19th of November.

If you go back on the 15th the due date will be the 26th of November. 

Prize packs to be announced shortly! To get an idea have a look at last years prizes or the year before.

Certificates will be mailed to students who achieve a passing grade or higher on the coursework. Also school participation certificates. The project-based competition portion is not compulsory to receive certificates, nor does it contribute to the grading.


How to prepare

Make sure students have access to the apps Arduino 1.6.6 (or greater) and Processing 3.0 (or greater) and the Arduino Esplora.

Student Registration:
If you are a new, register as a teacher. Then email us so we can verify you. No need if you have done this previously, you only need to be verified if you can't see the teacher dashboard. Once verified you can access the teacher dashboard where you can make a class group which you can invite students to and view their progress. You can either invite them through the teacher dashboard or email all your students your class code and ask them to register using it.

Additions to 2018:

  • Autograded coding problems

  • Code snippets load faster (no more time-outs)

  • Copy code to clipboard button for appropriate code snippets

  • No more problems registering repeat students 

  • No need for installing the processing sound library unless you're stuck with Internet Explorer

  • Faster loading speeds