WA Workshops! 2018 Challenge Start!

Welcome early starters! Also, starting next week is fine even if your school went back this week, which might be what you've done previously.

For everyone still on holidays we look forward to another challenge with you all and enrollment is open for Monday or earlier if you like!

Teacher Workshops in WA

We are coming to WA in November! Unfortunately the 2018 competition will be over at this point. Interstate workshops have been hard this year as MadMaker was busy working with USYD Widening Participation and Outreach to run some student workshops at underprivileged schools in NSW.

While the workshop does cover all things MadMaker it is mostly an introductory course in coding for the Arduino Esplora (hardware) and the Processing environment (software). You get a chance to program the Esplora in the company of an Arduino-oligist... also you can try it before you buy it!

The workshops are run in collaboration with Google and as such are free to attend! Thanks Google!

The available workshops are:

5th Nov - Pinjarra Senior High School 245pm - 445pm
6th Nov - Atwell College 330pm - 530pm
7th Nov - Perth Modern School 330pm - 530pm
8th Nov - Thornlie Senor High School 330pm - 530pm
9th Nov - Midland Learning Academy 4pm - 6pm

Registration available here.

If your school is keen to run a morning or afternoon session on one of these days, (depending on travel time), we usually aim for 7-15 teachers and prefer a room with a projector. Computers with Arduino and Processing installed are handy but if unavailable teachers can usually bring laptops. We provide Arduino Esploras for the session.